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Operation Transformation is about transforming gatekeepers – individuals who have significant influence in their families and communities. The benefit is to all of us.

  • Spiritual and moral transformation of individuals

  • Families breaking the cycle of crime

  • Less crime in communities throughout Wisconsin

You can be a catalyst for this change by giving financially to Operation Transformation. This initiative is privately funded.

Our costs include

  • On-site Academic Dean

  • Curriculum and program design

  • Textbooks and Clear Chromebooks for students

  • Faculty

  • Materials

  • On-going care for our graduates

  • Graduation 


for being our partner

If you have any questions about donating or would like to talk to someone from our organization please send an email to

We are a 501c3 Organization

The Wisconsin Inmate Education Association is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charitable organization. Contributions are acknowledged by letter. You can mail checks to our address (listed at the bottom of every page) or … simply donate above!

Thank you for taking time to read the story of what we’re trying to accomplish with Operation Transformation. Our initiative will have an impressive impact in Wisconsin. We are grateful for your participation with us.

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