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December 2020 Update with Pastor Robin

As a Board, we regularly hear from Robin Knoll, on what is going on inside the walls at Waupun Correctional and what is going on with the students. We had hoped to be able to share some of those stories and updates with you at our Fall gala that was cancelled. However, not to be deterred, we decided for our December Newsletter to make a short video of Robin sharing about the program and how this year has gone. Robin is our Dean of Students and also teaches several classes. Robin is a gifted pastor to the men and is able to quickly build a rapport with the men. We hope you will enjoy listening to Robin speak from his heart:

Thank you for your continued prayer, partnership and generosity. Specific prayer requests as we end 2020 and journey into 2021...

1) Pray for the continued health of the inmates at Waupun Correctional. Because the cases have dropped significantly, we may be able to return to a modified opening after the Christmas holiday.

2) Pray for the safe transfer of over two hundred men as they transfer them out of Waupun Correctional to medium security institutions around the state.

3) Pray that our students continue to work hard and study well as the current term draws to a close, and that they will find peace and joy in Jesus during the two week holiday break coming at the end of December.

4) Thanks to God for adjunct professors who rose to the occasion in working long distance with our students during this challenging time, and the fact that the warden at Waupun Correctional allowed the program to continue during this COVID crisis!

5) Pray that God starts to work in the hearts of potential new students now, so when Craig and the Waupun Education Director make their way around the state this spring, we have an abundance of qualified applicants.

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