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Exciting News From WIEA!

Spring is the air, and our newest freshman class is wrapping up its first term in the program. To date, the students have all done well and have reported satisfaction with their decision to enroll in the program.

As the freshmen prepare to begin their second term, the graduating seniors are preparing to begin their final term. The students are not immune to the same “senioritis” tendencies of any other student body. However, the overarching theme is disbelief that their four years are over, combined with the recurring question of, “What is the next season going to look like without the classroom?” The seniors continue to express their appreciation for the program and how meaningful it has been. Graduation is set for June 13th, and planning meetings are underway.

We’ve received applications for the next cohort of students slated to start the fall term later this year. We are in the process of gathering recommendations from the institutions where they currently live, along with evaluating the applicants’ academic readiness for the rigors of a university program.

The search for an Academic Dean continues at Trinity for Craig Long’s replacement. Our Dean of Students, Robin Knoll, has agreed to assume the role of Interim Program Director, ensuring that the program continues to run smoothly, and preparing for a new Dean when one is hired.

Finally, we are excited to announce that Andrew Murphy will be joining WIEA as Executive Director beginning March 18th. Many of you will recognize Andrew for his ongoing role on the WIEA Board of Directors. We’re thrilled to have Andrew serve in his new role as Executive Director. His primary responsibilities will include the ongoing oversight of WIEA initiatives, the coordination of relationships and communication between Trinity, the Department of Corrections and WIEA, fundraising and donor relations, and collaborating with the Board of Directors to develop a strategic vision for the future of WIEA. Please join us in welcoming Andrew and praying for him as he transitions into this new role.


Meet a Board Member

Prior to joining the Wisconsin Inmate Education Association, Robin Knoll worked for Elmbrook Church, serving as Director of James Place – Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education, coming alongside students and teachers alike, listening to their needs and offering care and guidance.  Prior to his time at the school, Robin served as President of Inspiration Ministries, a residential care provider for adults with disabilities.  In addition to a 35-year industrial career that he left in 2005, he also served for 8-years as an Adjunct Professor at Milwaukee School of Engineering.  Robin has also been involved in both Industrial and Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, concentrating on Pastoral Care, Crisis Intervention, Grief and Trauma Care and Critical Incident Stress Management. Robin earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering and his M.A. in Religion with an emphasis on Pastoral Counseling from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.


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