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He says, "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted i

The lockdown has continued through the summer at Waupun. Students continue to read lectures and complete writing assignments from their cells. Despite the circumstances, the students have shown gratitude and appreciation for the ability to continue on in their learning amidst near 24/7 isolation.

This month, a number of students put their appreciation in writing, and we thought we’d share several excerpts below

“As we all know these have been trying times for us all, mentally emotionally and spiritually. But I must say, the lessons and tools that I have acquired since joining the Trinity family have seemingly been preparing me for this time, and times like this. Pastor Knoll always tells us, ‘The reasons you are here may not be the reasons you are here.’ Since joining the class I have been able to discover and more importantly accept the real me, under all the layers and labels. One of the greatest lessons I have learned is not to define ourselves or others by the worst of us. . .Imagine if we only defined David by his work as a shepherd, and Paul for his persecution of Christians, and not by the full maturation of which they came to be. Prior to entering this class, I only identified myself by the things that society deemed to be the worst of me. Biblical stories like David and Paul help me to realize there is a lot more to my story that is yet to be written.” (addressing WIEA donors) “This program is the single most exciting and personally rewarding endeavor I’ve ever committed to. I have a lot of pressure to graduate and not let you guys down. It is truly remarkable the faith everyone has shown and continues to do so. I look forward to discipling and becoming a field-mentor as I journey through the system, spreading hope and light. . .I sincerely appreciate everything you do for us all.”

“One of the most important lessons I have learned during this abnormal process is that, ‘man is not meant to struggle alone.’ I can remember during my freshman year, some of the students were complaining about the in-class lectures. Dr. Long posed the question,‘Do you think we could produce the same quality work without the luxuries of a classroom setting?’ I was one of the individuals that confidently responded, ‘yes.’ It now suffices to say, I have been greatly humbled. Through the pandemic, God has revealed that the things we were once complaining about are the things we are now craving the most. The face-to-face interaction with the professors, on an academic level, can never be replaced. . . . Since my first day in the program, Pastor Knoll has instilled in us what he calls, ‘the Gumby principle’ which teaches us to always be flexible to unforeseen circumstances. If there was ever a time to exercise this principle, it is now. With this being said, I wake up every day looking forward to the mental, emotional and spiritual stretching that this situation of isolation provides. Thank you for generously investing in my future.”

Thank you for your continued prayers and partnership in these unusual times. Your generosity has allowed this important work to continue in Waupun.

Join Us In Prayer:

Thank you for your continued partnership, prayer, and support in this important work. Please join us in prayer for guidance as we work with the DOC in the launch, placement and support of our first upcoming graduating class in 2021. As well as, for more men to apply for the next cohort and remove any barriers or fears that may hinder then from applying. 

Current Statistics:

Out of the 1,250+ inmates at Waupun Correctional Institute (a maximum-security prison), 52 of them are currently studying the Word of God in order to graduate with a bachelor of arts in Biblical Studies with a minor in Psychology.  When finished, their goal is to become Field Mentors and then sent to mentor other inmates either at Waupun, or other prisons within the Wisconsin prison system. 

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