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More Free

Many of us would define freedom as the ability to go where we want to go, when we want to go, and with whom we want to go. But for one inmate, he says it wasn’t until he started our Operation Transformation program with Trinity International University that his life became “more free”.

For the first time in his life, he said that he felt emotional and spiritual freedom. While physically behind bars, lacking the freedom that one has in the outside world, being chosen to receive an education, and more importantly, to be given the ability to live with a purpose has given him freedom. The ability to create a positive culture within the prison system and with his family creates freedom far greater than physical freedom. He now has a mission beyond himself.

Already, he is applying what he is learning in class. He is using the lessons to build a bridge with the mother of his children. He said for the first time in their relationship they’re really getting to know each other. (With a grin of understanding that the relationship they previously had was not built at a deep level.) He says that he is gaining the skills and understanding of what it means to be in a right relationship with someone.

He does not dismiss that he is serving time. But he is doing everything that he can to make the best of it. And for him that allows him to be “more free”.

Prayer Requests

  • Event Planning Team. Our Event Planning Team is underway arranging a special and impactful evening for our friends and supporters. Please pray that they find joy and enthusiasm in their work and that it gives inspiration to all in attendance.

  • Strategic Planning Process. Many people are involved in the process, including our students. Pray that all find their voice and are able to share their ideas. Give wisdom to the team and ask for guidance that they do their best work for His glory.

  • Partnerships. Traveling around the state, WIEA has the privilege to be introduced to churches, foundations, businesses, and individuals who are interested in what is happening at Waupun Correctional Institution. Please pray that God opens hearts to our work.

  • Application Process. Each week inmates are reaching out to our Dean of Academics asking for more information about our program. Applications should be available shortly. Please pray for discernment for all parties involved.

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