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Operation Transformation is based in part upon an existing educational model. This analogous model has been thoroughly researched by Baylor University*. That extensive research has shown the following impact.

  • Significant change is achieved not through fear of punishment, but through embrace of an alternative identity that celebrates right behavior for the right reasons

  • Graduates and students report lower levels of disciplinary convictions, and participation in spiritual and morality related conversations was also related to lower levels of misconduct

  • The observed differences in misconduct are attributable to any other factors, self-reported spiritual transformation, and positive self-identities

  • Misconduct among inmates who participated in the program tended to decline or remain low over time compared to those who did not

  • The changes observed in the lives of the particular prison inmates that we studied is particularly interesting given that a majority of these inmates have no hope of returning to their community soon or ever and they might have a little reason or motivation for changing their behaviors for the better

* Michael Hallett, Joshuah Hays, Byron Johnson, Sung Joon Jang, and Grant Duwe, The Angola Prison Seminary: Efects of Faith-Based Ministry on Identity Transformation, Desistance, and Rehabilitation (New York and London: Routledge Talyor and Francis Group) © August 2016

These measurable changes reflect spiritual, mental, emotional and moral transformation in individuals.

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