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Operation Transformation:

An in-prison college curriculum to transform inmates, families and communities.

Operation Transformation is a collaboration among WIEA and Trinity International University to establish a new Trinity campus within Fox Lake Correctional Institution.

This campus provides a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies program for inmates serving either many years or life sentences. The curriculum requires at least four years of study. Upon graduation, these men become “field mentors” who are available to mentor other inmates either at the Fox Lake Correctional Institution or other correctional institutions where they may be located in the future.

What do we measure as success?

Personal Transformation

Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Health

Violence Reduction

In prison, families and communities

Community Impact

Less Crime

Family Impact

Stopping Cycles of Crime

Reduced Recidivism

Overcoming Addictions


Many American neighborhoods are being suffocated by criminal activity. Operation Transformation will be one of the greatest catalysts for change in our generation, starting with inmates within our correctional institutions. The proven transformation of inmates and the impact of this program in families and communities is nothing short of amazing.

We need you with us.




Personal, moral and spiritual transformation leading to healthier mental, emotional and behavioral patterns

Prison Culture

Reduced violence and increased rehabilitation


Individual transformation breaks the cycle of crime in families


Communities transform as the gatekeepers for crime and their families are transformed


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