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Fantastic Fall Happenings with WIEA🍂

On August 16th the fall term started at Fox Lake Correctional Instituion. The students showed up at 8:00am excited and ready to go! Fortunately, all students were transferred from Waupun Correctional to Fox Lake in time for the start of the new term. Despite missing the last ten weeks due to lockdowns at Waupun and the transition to Fox Lake, everyone easily slid into the new normal routine. It was great to see everyone again!

We currently have nearly 75 applications from around the state for the next cohort, set to start on January 8, 2024. On a recent graduate visit our Dean of Students, Robin Knoll, held an informational gathering on the program which drew interest from over 40 prospective students. We’re encouraged by the number of applications coming in and we’re hopeful that the transition to Fox Lake will help increase the accessibility of the program statewide.

We are excited about our upcoming Fall Gala on Thursday, September 21st at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center of the Arts in Brookfield. You will not want to miss this gathering as we celebrate our progress over the past year and look ahead to the future. We will be featuring a 15-minute video interview with 2021 graduate August White. For those who might remember, Mr. White was the student speaker at the 2021 Graduation Ceremony shown at the 2021 Gala.

Alumni Corner

Robin has continued making numerous visits to graduates throughout the summer. These visits are meaningful opportunities for Robin to encourage these men as they transition to various institutions throughout the state. Each visit is unique, but Robin always comes away encouraged by the impact the program has had on the graduates. The graduates often share how much they miss the community and mental stimulation of the classroom. Graduates are filling numerous roles in their various institutions: Law Library Clerk, Chapel Clerk, Tutor, Certified Peer Specialist and more. Many of the men make a point of sharing how their time in the program equipped them to minister to men they come across daily. One graduate shared how his cellmate had recently learned the devastating news his grandson had passed away. The graduate showed empathy and care and worked with Robin to determine how best to approach the situation.

Meet a Board Member

Tom Keppeler is Director of Partner Development at Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School. He recently served for three years as executive director of PRISM Economic Development Corporation where he developed and launched UpStart Kitchen, a food business incubator serving Milwaukee’s under-served neighborhoods. Tom is also a coach and mentor of emerging ministry and pastoral leaders, has served as a pastor for 13 years, and was a missionary-educator for 18 years in Romania. He has a B.S Degree in industrial engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an M.A. in intercultural studies from Wheaton Graduate School, and a Ph.D in education from Trinity International University. Dr. Keppeler is married and has three grown children. In his spare time he enjoys downhill & cross-country skiing, reading, cycling, and listening to his wife play the harp.

Specific prayer requests this fall:

Prayer Requests: - That our move to Fox Lake Correctional Institution is the beginning of an increase in the number of students for our program. - For wisdom and discernment for our faculty as we all acclimate to our new surroundings and scheduling. Praises: - For the successful move of our program from Waupun Correctional Institution to Fox Lake Correctional Institution. - For the staff we said goodbye to at Waupun Correctional Institution and the years that they worked with us and made us feel like a part of the team. - For the staff at Fox Lake Correctional Institution that has worked hard to welcome us and settle us into a great temporary facility. - For the successful transfer of all our current students from Waupun Correctional Institution to Fox Lake Correctional Institution in time for our early fall term classes to start.


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