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November update from WIEA

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

As of this letter, the first term at Fox Lake Correctional has been successfully completed, and term two is underway! Both the students and staff have adapted well to our new surroundings, deeply appreciating the additional freedoms that come with a medium-security prison. The men have enjoyed the freedom of movement that they didn’t have at Waupun Correctional. Several students even asked (with excitement!) if Robin had seen the full moon recently. For many, they hadn’t seen the moon in years due to the maximum-security environment.

Fox Lake Correctional has been rotating officers through the school daily. This pattern will continue until the position is filled with the same officer every day. Having numerous officers in the classroom exposes them to us (the staff) as well as the students. The officers have been amazed at how diligent the students are, and how quiet they are during study time. One of the visiting officers even commented how she can see a difference between our students and the general population in her housing unit. She mentioned that our students are more polite, quieter, and more courteous than the others. While we are aiming for a deeper soul-level growth in our students that goes beyond polite behavior, it’s encouraging to hear how that transformation manifests itself in ways that are glaringly obvious to the officers at Fox Lake Correctional.



Thank you to all of those who came out for our fall gala on Thursday, September 21st at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center of the Arts in Brookfield. We featured a 15-minute video interview with 2021 graduate August White. For those who might remember, Mr. White was the student speaker at the 2021 Graduation Ceremony. Below is the video we showed at the gala. We wanted all of you to be able to see the difference these men are experiencing through the WIEA program.

Pastor Robin Knoll and Mr. White sitting down together to have a discussion about the transformation the program has had in his life.


Alumni Corner

Two more of the program’s recent graduates have been transferred to minimum security/work release facilities. These facilities allow the graduates to get jobs in the local area and begin saving money for their eventual release.

Please remember to pray for Pastor Robin Knoll every Friday as he travels to different correctional facilities around the state to visit with the graduates.


Meet a Board Member

Dr. Daniel Green

Board Member

Dr. Daniel Green earned degrees from Trinity College (Trinity International University), Bradley University (M.A., Community Psychology), and University of Arkansas (Ph. D., Clinical Psychology). A Licensed Psychologist, he has served for over 30 years as the Clinical Director of New Life Resources, Inc., a mental health clinic offering professional services in a Christian framework. He has faculty appointments with Trinity International University, Marquette University, Evangelical Theological Seminary of Prague and Charles University (Czechia). He is the author/co-author of 7 books and many articles. Dan has been married to Lynne for nearly 40 years and have a son, daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren.


Specific prayer requests for this fall:

Prayer Requests:

  • For the successful completion of the next cohort which is scheduled to start on January 8, 2024.

  • That our current students and staff would focus entirely on the academic journey ahead of us rather than the challenges we previously faced at Waupun Correctional.

  • That the Department of Corrections has success in hiring new staff to help alleviate the issues experienced not only at Waupun, but many other facilities in the state.


  • For the ease of the move this past summer and that we have been welcomed with open arms at Fox Lake Correctional.

  • That the students have adjusted well to the move and are eager to learn and grow in the years ahead.

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