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Oshkosh Correctional Institution - December 2023

In December Pastor Knoll met with several of the graduates during a visit to Oshkosh. One topic that did catch some excitement was regarding things they realized they were doing with their education that they never thought about. They all shared that they recognized that there was a depth to their personal conversations that they didn’t have before, and that a lot of other men were coming to them for help and advice. Interestingly enough, they all seemed to light up (and get quite animated) as they shared some of the kinds of conversations they’ve had (guys wanting to know how to handle personal problems, relationship problems, kid-type problems, and how to understand the Bible). One graduate reminded Robin of one of his quotes that “your education isn’t just for you, it’s for everyone that you meet for the rest of your life”!). Another followed up with saying he was realizing that “the reason he got into the program may not be the reason he got into the program” (another saying of Robin's) in that he came to the program for the degree, but realized how much he can use it in his personal life!

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