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Spring WIEA Update

Things are beginning to feel a bit more “normal” around Waupun (WCI). After beginning the year in yet another lockdown, the DOC has started to lift many of the restrictions we’ve been operating under for months. Most relative to our program is that our adjunct professors are now allowed back inside the classroom to teach in person. Last term, our adjunct professors were required to send in their lectures by video. We certainly will never again take classroom sessions for granted, and we’re grateful that the students are able to return once again to in person learning, hopefully for good this time!

We’re continuing to see God place many of the program’s graduates and seniors as tutors both at WCI and at other institutions throughout the state. From the current Senior Class, 11 students completed tutor training last month. Recently, one graduate who became a certified tutor last year, stopped by the classroom to ask if he could borrow some of the books we use for English classes. He was excited to share that he is currently tutoring a number of students enrolled in a program with a local technical school. He said that his education with Trinity allows him to assist in not only all of their classwork, but that he can also help with computer work. The computer work for the program is set up similar to the Trinity program, so he is familiar with the way things need to be done. He also shared that the students have no interface with the professors that teach the classes, so he has become their on-site professor. He was so excited to share that it was only because of his Trinity degree that he is able to be so effective!

We are grateful to God for this story and many others that shine light on the work God has done and continues to do through the students of this program. Thank you for your continued prayers, and for your ongoing support of this important work!

Thank you for your continued prayer, partnership and generosity. Specific prayer requests:

  • We have been given the approval to start visiting in person the graduates at each of the institutuins. Please pray that the individual visits go well and are an encouragment to our graduates.

  • That the seniors finish strong as they approach their last classes before graduation

  • Decisions are starting for the students of the next cohort. Pray that whoever is selected for the program comes prepared to meet God in a whole new way.

  • Pray for God to go before us as we have conversations about a woman's program

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